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The more you train and prepare, the luckier you are!

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We are excited to announce that Luckybird Charters is branching out into Maritime Training. We will be offering training for beginner boaters and surviving a catastrophic boat failure. We believe we have a lot to offer the community that will make boaters feel more comfortable while you are boating.

The water is a great place to make great memories, but you must respect it. So many people go boating and are clueless and so many others are missing out because they are too worried. Don’t be those people!



I am a lifelong boater that was born and raised in northeast Florida. I joined the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in 1997 and got assigned to the Marine Unit in 2010. Since then, I have taken just about every maritime training class there has been offered and trained with the best. I have also helped in training some of the best. I have assisted in hundreds of Search & Rescues; some were happy endings and others were not. I have the knowledge to share that will help make more happy endings


“The more you train and prepare, the luckier you are”


Beginner Boater Training

This will be 3 hours of one-on-one new boater training. This training will be conducted on your boat and we will focus on launching & loading your boat from and to your boat trailer. We will also focus on docking and simple boat operations. I will add a lot of boating safety to this training as well. BY the end of your training your will feel a lot more confident and have a good base of knowledge to grow on. You will also get a pretty good tour of St. Augustine or Jacksonville and learn all the local hot spots along the way.

Surviving a Catastrophic
Boat Failure

This training will be group training to the first 20 seats. The first portion of the training will be in a classroom like setting, and we will go over VHF communications, emergency plans, ditch bags, epirbs, damage control kits, life rafts, and survival first aid. Then we will break up in small groups and get on the boat and have scenario type training where everyone will have a chance to practice what they learned. The scenario’s will give you a good perspective of how little time you might have in an emergency, but with practice and a plan, you can still save the lives of yourself and your crew. You will also learn a lot of little life save tricks throughout the day.

Safety Maritime Training | Luckybird Charters


Captain Kirk Waltz
Captain Kirk Waltz
Enterprise Fishing Charters
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I wanted to thank you for the invitation to attend the special class on “ Surviving a Catastrophic Boat Failure”. The information, class instruction, hands on guidance was extremely well done and gave me insight on how to be better prepared when boating. You and the staff did an excellent job . I highly recommend to all those interested to take this class. It will surely be extremely beneficial in helping to understand how to be better prepared to be on the water.
Captain Brian Walker
Captain Brian Walker
Walker Fishing Charters
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I am a full-time Fishing Guide in St. Augustine, Florida. I attended Roberts safety class last year. What I learned in the class made me feel a lot more confident offshore if a situation was to happen. I was made aware of what items should be in my ditch bag and first aid kit and how to use them if a safety incident occurs.
Captain Flynn Jarrett
Captain Flynn Jarrett
Jacksonville River Pilot Captain
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Training Prices

New Boater

$ 300
  • 3 hours
  • One-on-One
  • Launching & Loading
  • Simple Boat Operations
  • Boating Safety

Surviving a Catastrophic
Boat Failure

$ 300
  • Scenario Training
  • Survival First Aid
  • VHF communications
  • Emergency Plans
  • Emergency Kits
  • Life Rafts
  • Epirbs
  • Damage Control Kits
  • Ditch Bags

Training Locations

Palms Fish Camp

Surviving a Catastrophic Boat Failure


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